David Healy 7

Product Lines

LifeScan, Inc.

For LifeScan, a division of Johnson & Johnson I produced: packaging, labeling, product inserts, manuals, sell sheets, shipping containers and other collateral. At times I had three other production people working on these items.

Starting with the launch of the One Touch II blood glucose meter I went on to produce items for 15 product lines some. Some of these items were produced in 12 different languages.



Book Design & Production

I use hierarchies of Style Sheets to comprehensively control the document. This includes Style Sheets for Paragraphs, Characters, Objects, Nested Items, Table Cells and Table Styles.

This expidites the production of large documents and facilitates the transfer of these same documents to electronic formats (ie: epubs, iBooks, Interactive PDF and web-based).









One Touch DataLink interactive training guide.
66 pages in 6 sections all linked from the table of contents, buttons and cross-referencing.



Illustration / Technical Illustration / Animations